Our mission is to combat the biggest problem in animal welfare – the lack of sterilization.
Our nonprofit organization aims to better the quality of life of our community’s animals. We believe in educating and supporting animal owners in our area in order to help them care for their furry friends.
Our organization relies on fundraising events as well as donations from our community to help sterilize animals and feed unwanted strays.

Why Sterilize

There are not enough homes for all dogs and cats, this leads to abuse and neglect of unwanted animals. Roaming animals cause fights, spread of disease and territorial behavior.


It is the best and most efficient weapon against the indiscriminate reproduction and consequent overpopulation of dogs and cats. It spares the animal some instinctive reactions related to the reproductive system. It diminishes the risk to contract venereal diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse or illnesses transmitted by animal bites.


An unsterilized pet and its off-spring can produce over 60 000 lives in 6 years. Approximately 1 million dogs and cats are euthanized per year in South Africa only.

Medical Facts

Sterilization reduces uterine infections in males and females. It also eliminates risk of testicle, prostate and ovarian cancer. Repeated pregnancies cause unnecessary strain on the female cat or dog and reduces her life span.

We Promote Sterilization because

There are no statistics for the euthanasia of domestic animals available in South Africa. If there was maybe people would pay attention to the problem that is facing us. Maybe this would anger and scare them into taking action, because we all know that the warm fuzzy feeling we walk around with all day long only lulls us into a sense of false security and we accomplish nothing when we feel like that.

Many people want their children to witness the miracle of birth, or give their animal the chance to have just one litter but the truth of the matter is that the beautiful little fluffy puppy you are holding in your hands right now will probably end up living a life of hell whilst reproducing more offspring to follow the same suit.

There are approx. 6 million people in South Africa that have no work.  This is 6 million households with no income that have to take care of their families- feed them, clothe them and most of these households have domestic animals. There is no money for spaying and neutering let alone vet bills, and these animals are breeding indiscriminately. That is why the shelters and SPCAs are filled to capacity, with animal abuse and neglect on the rise we have to make a difference in some way.

I was once asked by a radio presenter how many animals I have spayed with baking cakes and
when I told him he said it was a drop in the ocean. At the time I was a bit taken aback and
couldn’t find a proper response because it then seemed like I was not making a difference. When
I had a bit of time to think about it realized that for every two animals spayed I had saved 67 000
animals from a lifetime of hunger and neglect. The motivation lies in the fact that I am making a
difference, no matter how small. So I ask you how do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time.


There are a myriad of people that have been instrumental in making this happen. I have been assisted by the local media, riding schools, businesses, private individuals and so many more.  The local SPCA and the SPCA in Boksburg, and Amahathli have all supported the cause. In January 2016 the Animal Talk magazine did a write up on 50 Shades of Spay.

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