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Eligwa Estates

The SPCA Vereeniging & Vanderbijlpark & 50 Shades of Spay did a small outreach at a informal settlement near Eligwa Estate just before Christmas. Approx 20 dogs were assisted. They were Frontlined, dewormed, given collars, toenails clipped, beds and bowls were given. The overall welfare was checked and owners were educated. The children loved the interaction and so did the dogs. The greyhounds made themselves at home in the SPCA vehicle. It was a good day for man and dog alike. 50 Shades would like to do a stern drive there and plans are being made as we speak. Update will be given once we have all the details. One by one until there are none.

Mooilande & Groendenne

On Thursday, 15 Dec at 14h30, 50 Shades gave the poorest of the poor in our area, a small xmas party. Isabel Swarts and her family donated 150 school bags with stationary and a water bottle towards the cause. We collected enough money from friends and family to make 300 hotdogs and 150 sweet packets. David, my gardener gathered the children that live in the Mooilande, Groendenne area and we all met at the Groendenne sport grounds by the police station and butchery.

We gave bags of dogfood to the kids for their dogs at home and David spoke to the kids about basic animal care and also talking about the dangers of using drugs.

We are so blessed in our lives, thank you to all who have made such a difference in so many lives by just eating cake.

Café Capriole at The South African Lippizaners

50 Shades of Spay has opened a small cafe at The South African Lipizzaner Center situated at 1 Dahlia Road, Kyalami. The setting is absolutely stunning with the presence of 31 white stallions in the courtyard and a huge open polo field on the other side.

The Cafe is open for business on a Sunday morning from 09h00 until 13h00 and serves light meals and refreshments as well as a traditional pot of tea in the most gorgeous china. There is always a freshly brewed filter coffee for the coffee lovers as well. It is with great pride that we serve the Hartenberg wine - Alchemy selection for the wino-holics and we also ave a huge selection of beer in the fridges. Dogs are always welcome and we are currently expanding the menu to include a small variety of dog culinary dishes. Dogs do get spoiled with a peanut butter biscuit upon arrival. We have two resident cats, Tinkey & Spidey that are foster fails and they rule the Cafe with an iron paw.

A percentage of the proceeds go towards the spaying and neutering of animals for the underprivileged, and we also assist people that have sick animals and cannot afford the vet fees. Come and enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of our surroundings coupled with home made ,freshly baked delights with the added value of knowing you are assisting in animal welfare. We would be willing to host small functions like baby showers, kitchen teas, birthday parties and any other celebration that warrants good food and splendid old world charm.

For more info please contact Yvette on 082 550 3783 or email her at

Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

I try to make all the cakes individual and special in their own way, I am adventurous to a point LOL there is only so much I can do! In this gallery I have included some of the cakes and cupcakes I have baked over the years. Oh and of course my famous Christmas cakes as well as the gingerbread houses made by my sister-in-law.

A special thank you to all of you who have ordered cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, tea parties and the like, it is because of you that we keep 50 shades going!

To place an order please contact Yvette on 082 550 3783 or email her at