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If you are reading this page you have already saved an animal. By showing interest and taking this step you will find that you will not only gain knowledge on why it is important to sterilize and neuter, you will also meet some pretty amazing people along the way that will motivate you to make a difference. This alone will ensure that you will make an effort to sterilize in future or educate your friends and family on the topic. From me, a very warm Hello! to a fellow human being that I have never met in person, but I know we are kindred spirits in our quest to improve the lives of so many that cannot speak for themselves.
This website will also keep you updated with all sterilization drives and also a few wonderful initiatives that assist with animal welfare. Whilst our aim is to educate and people on the merits of early sterilization and neutering , we also want to promote any animal welfare organizations that make a difference in the lives of animals and especially our youth.
In the words of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

What is 50 Shades of Spay
and how did it start?

50 Shades of Spay began as a way to assist in the spaying & neutering of animals, bake a cake for friends for special events and spay an animal. Our target market is the under privileged, the people that simply cannot afford to have their pet spayed. We also assist with emergency vet treatment when these animals fall ill or are injured.
There is no hard and fast rule about how to qualify; if you contact us we will make a plan to assist you. We have helped with animals that have had billary, constipation, broken legs and eye injuries.
The only thing we ask in return is that we receive an update and a photo of the animal that we assisted, thereby giving feedback to the people who bought cakes or donated funds so they also feel that they have accomplished something.
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Truck 'n Car Testing

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